A full range of services with the flexibility to suit every project.

We offer a robust range of interior design services, from needs analysis to creating a unique concept for your interior to helping you put the finishing touches on your design. Our services are available together as part of a comprehensive contract, or as standalone options. We work hard to meet your unique needs; our creativity has no bounds, and no project is too big or too small!


Needs Analysis & Programming

We assemble and analyze your corporate vision, goals, and budget to create a detailed report of your project requirements so we can develop planning solutions that answer to your needs and space.

Pre-Lease & Schematic Planning

We evaluate your project’s needs by reviewing the space program chart, building codes, and prospective office spaces, and use our analysis to create unique planning solutions best fit your requirements.


Design Development

Looking for a great design? What sets us apart is our creativity, innovative designs, and our ability to find solutions to any challenge.

Budget Analysis

We gather detailed information about your project scope and scale to provide you with a thorough and accurate cost analysis document. This gives you a more concrete understanding of your project’s value to help you finalize the detailed design.

3-D Renderings

We know seeing is believing, which is why we create computer-generated three-dimensional renderings to help you visualize your finished product as we transform it into physical form.

Finishes and Materials

It’s the little details that bring life to a design. We recommend and source paints, textiles, and flooring that will truly enhance your design. Functionality and sustainability are priorities, so we design your space to be ecologically-friendly and select materials that are made of recycled content and recyclable at the end of their life cycle.


Construction Documents & Specifications

Let us take care of the contract documents. We prepare your technical drawings and specifications, from demolition or re-purposing existing elements to new construction, and co-ordinate them with all consultants.

Cost Estimate

No one likes surprises when it comes to project costs. We provide an itemized cost estimate document once the design details are finalized and the contractors’ tenders are in. Most importantly, we do it before construction starts.

Tender Documents

When we tender your project documents, we not only issue the contracts to the bidder, we also provide our expert recommendations during the bidding and award process. With this service, tender costs usually come in lower, which translates to savings for you.

Contract Administration

We ensure everything goes according to plan. We develop and monitor construction schedules and costs, and work with contractors to ensure all construction complies with our design and intent. We also issue post-move-in evaluations and reports, and ensure move-ins are on time.


Furniture and Equipment

Furniture provides that finishing touch to your design. Our team ties it all together by: preparing plans; tracking or modifying existing inventory for reuse; researching, selecting, and specifying new furniture and equipment; and tendering to bidders for quotations.

Phasing Strategy

We know that when it comes to a new design, the timing has got to be right. We plan, organize, and implement design changes and phase the construction and move process to an existing space on a schedule that works for you. Eliminating disruption is key.

Project Management

We take the lead in managing your project so you don’t have to. We represent your best interests as we coordinate with our team of experts and execute every aspect of the design process.

Move Management

With our move management service, we make sure you’re good to go. We develop moving plans; tag furniture and equipment; tender and schedule the moving company; and conduct deficiency reports for the furniture and equipment installed in your new space.

Interested in the design services we provide? Get in touch with us at 613-563-3797 or info@asdginteriors.com.